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Rapid Energy Modeling

If you’re responsible for the operations of multiple buildings—from a dozen to a hundred, or more—you take energy efficiency seriously.

Quickly assessing the energy resilience of your campus hasn’t been straight­for­ward until now. The Rapid Energy Model (REM) is a powerful new tool codeveloped by CDM Smith and Autodesk that lets you process vast amounts of data at a glance, assessing the results on your desktop. As you evaluate infra­struc­ture or operational changes, the REM helps you find oppor­tu­ni­ties to reduce your energy footprint, meet goals, manage costs and become more sustainable.

Two experts who helped to develop the Rapid Energy Model will share:

  • How this tool works to help cities, agencies, univer­si­ties and corpo­ra­tions
  • What it looks like and how it works, in a video demon­stra­tion
  • A case study of the REM in action and its results
  • The future of energy modeling and sustain­abil­ity

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Dora Chiang

Matt Goss
Vice President, Technical Strategy Leader


Mathews Mathai
Senior Business Consultant, Infrastructure Solutions at Autodesk


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