CDM Smith Signs Landmark Partnership with LiveEO for Construction Supervision via Satellites

8 May 2020
Berlin/Bochum, Germany
Automated access to several satellite constellations allows the construction progress of major projects around the world to be monitored with optical data.

BERLIN/BOCHUM, GERMANY—CDM Smith takes another important step towards the digital future by cooperating with the Berlin-based start-up LiveEO. Satellite images can be used to register the smallest movements of the earth, which can be evaluated by engineers. CDM Smith gains immediate access to the satellite data analysed by LiveEO and thus further improves project performance for its clients. 

With the data from orbit, earth displace­ments can be determined to within a few millimetres and soil moisture can also be measured to a penetration depth of 20 cm. Automated access to several satellite constel­la­tions allows the construc­tion progress of major projects around the world to be monitored with optical data. The high processing power of LiveEO guarantees timely results in very good resolution. Combined with CDM Smith's engineering know-how, this opens up a wide range of new application areas: from continuous inventory and construc­tion progress monitoring of large areas to crisis and disaster prevention.

The satellite data is always up-to-date and allows the precise evaluation of large amounts of data within a very short time. This not only speeds up processes, but also makes them more economical. This is especially important now, as we are facing enormous infrastructure measures in Europe.
Nadja Pappenberger, CDM Smith Nuremberg

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LiveEO (Live Earth Observation) uses satellite images for innovative monitoring of infrastructure networks in the areas of rail traffic, power lines and pipelines. LiveEO supports its customers in the economic operation of their infrastructure by analysing the threats posed by vegetation, changes in altitude and position or the influence of third parties on the networks.