Environmental Site Investigations and Remedial Planning for Bosch Sites in Japan

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The responsible use of resources is becoming increasingly important for companies; the Bosch Group aims to protect natural resources for present and future generations. The company’s sustainability strategy includes environmental assessments and remediation projects for several operating sites in Japan. CDM Smith has been serving Bosch as a general contractor for environmental auditing, assessments, and consulting.

CDM Smith has served Bosch for the last seven years as the prime contractor to conduct environmental site investigations, develop remedial plans at seven Bosch properties in Japan, and provide expert client support while utilising our global network of experts.

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CDM Smith was initially commissioned by the Bosch Real Estate Management in Stuttgart, Germany to perform Phase IIa and IIb soil and groundwater investigations at the seven Bosch Japan production sites. The site investigations were conducted in accordance with the Japanese Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law (JSSCL) and included grid sampling of the entire sites. Soil and soil gas samples were collected and analysed for hazardous substances Type 1 (volatile organic compounds - VOCs), Type 2 (heavy metals), and Type 3 (polychlorinated biphenyls - PCBs). Aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX, PAH) and zinc as well as dioxins are either not regulated or regulated under a separate law in Japan but were also part of the investigation program to conform with Bosch Corporate requirements. In addition, asbestos surveys were also carried out at each site. At Daito, which is located about 90 km from the Fukushima Daiichi reactor, surface sampling for radioactivity was conducted.

We advise Bosch in all environmental matters, drawing on a broad-based expert team with extensive knowledge in soil and groundwater protection leading complex remediation projects to sustainable success.
Craig Franzel, Project Manager

Based on the Phase IIa investigation results which showed elevated concentrations of VOCs and chromium(VI) at most of the sites, CDM Smith conducted Phase IIb soil and groundwater investigations, which included the installation of more than 100 groundwater monitoring wells at all seven sites, soil borings to sample below the base of underground storage tanks and other environmental triggers, and the construction of regional groundwater models at some of the sites.

Following the Phase IIb investigations, CDM Smith was tasked with the design and execution of additional comprehensive site investigations to ensure compliance with JSCCL regulations, industry best practices, and Bosch Corporate requirements to eliminate environmental data gaps in previous site characterisations by other firms. 

Currently, CDM Smith is designing a remediation strategy for the former Higashi-Matsuyama production site using a combination of techniques for CHC (biostimulation) and chromium(VI) immobilisation through reduction to chromium(III) as a joint expert team with our US and Japanese colleagues and partners.

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Did you know?

The Bosch Group is one of the most successful companies in Germany. Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, it now consists of about 450 subsidiaries and regional companies and employs 390,000 people in around 60 countries. 

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Bosch shows what it means to take environmental responsibility seriously. Through environmental assesments, the company can react to possible environmental risks.
Guido Ebert
Business Development Manager
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