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RINs 101: Get Paid for Your Biogas

Is your facility generating biogas? Did you know you can sell it to improve your bottom line? You could be adding revenue with renewable iden­ti­fi­ca­tion numbers (RINs), a natural gas currency that's now commanding record-high prices.

Learn the keys to the RINs market from two of CDM Smith’s top biogas utilization experts:

  • What are RINs and how do they work?
  • How can facilities generate and sell RINs?
  • What tech­nolo­gies can bring your biogas up to renewable fuel standards?

Our panelists will also provide a case study of a wastewater treatment plant that is currently setting itself up to sell RINs, and discuss what the future holds for the biogas market.

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RINs: Renewable Gas as a Revenue Source
Federal and state laws are unlocking economic opportunities for biogas producers to sell renewable natural gas into the grid at a high rate of return.
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