Innovation Series


CDM Smith director of global information security, Jim Livermore, shares his expertise on cyber-security and illuminates its growing importance in today's digital age.

Innovation Series
This series highlights how CDM Smith works to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. Innovation defines the way we work, helps us redefine industry standards and fuels our curiosity for the unknown.
Innovation Series
Laser Scanning

Director of virtual design and construc­tion Russ Tamblyn maps how laser scanning technology makes design enhance­ments more achievable than ever throughout the project lifecycle. 

4D/5D Modeling

Project controls specialist Abe Nejad focuses in on how 4D and 5D modeling can take 3D and BIM models to the next level, incorporating all design elements to create one all-inclusive model.

Tolling Analysis

Transportation planner Zubair Ghafoor describes CDM Smith's National Interstate Tolling Analysis Tool and how it is revolutionizing the way transportation planners and policy makers work.

Potable Reuse

Environmental engineer Jill Vandegrift talks about how research and development is advancing potable reuse capabilities across the industry.