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CDM Smith to Bring New Drinking Water Supply to Union County, North Carolina

November 19, 2018

Union County, North Carolina – CDM Smith was recently selected to deliver water treatment and finished water infrastructure upgrades in Union County, North Carolina. This $86 million project is a critical component of the Yadkin Regional Water Supply Project, a landmark progressive design-build initiative developed to ensure a long-term, sustainable water supply to the county’s current and projected future customers. 

The project scope includes a new 12-mgd greenfield water treatment plant and 11 miles of 36-inch diameter finished water pipeline. CDM Smith will serve as prime contractor and designer, working with local subcontractors and subconsultants to aid in project delivery.  

CDM Smith’s expertise in water treatment and conveyance, as well as the firm’s extensive knowledge of key issues facing the North Carolina market, will be essential to project success. As client service leader Dave Collins points out, “A design-build delivery method will allow Union County to collaborate, make real-time decisions with contractors and design engineers, and see the impacts immediately to achieve the project schedule and budget objectives.”  

Schedule stands out as a crucial component of the project, as the county looks to adequately support its booming residential and commercial growth. Delivery of finished water to the distribution system is slated for the spring of 2022, when it is estimated that the county’s drinking water supply needs are expected to be approach currently facility capacity.  

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