Solutions for the Environment and Infrastructure

  • Urban One Water Solutions for Resilience

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    This critical plan sets a flexible road map for San Diego's water resource investments, and will be continually assessed and updated every 5 to 10 years. Learn more

USAID Road to Mandalay Project

USAID Road Improvements

The USAID funded Yangon-Mandalay expressway project reached the finish line! Fulfilling a commitment to the people of Myanmar, the project introduced American safety measures on a stretch of highway between mile markers 165 and 171. This demonstration section will help save lives and serve as a model for road construction activities throughout the country. Check out this video to see the difference!

Posted by U.S. Embassy Rangoon on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our roads safety improvement project we are implementing with USAID in Myanmar (Burma) introduced American safety measures on a stretch of highway, helping save lives and serving as a model for road construction activities throughout the country. Check out this video to see the difference!

Thought Leadership

Introducing our new video series: Tailgate Talks

  • Fast Trackers

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    In our second installment of "Tailgate Talks," engineer Dave Schwartz and builder Brian Hagerich share success stories from the DC Water Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant's biosolids management program. Tailgate Talks is a series of 2-minute videos showing how when engineers and contractors work together through alternative delivery, collaboration leads to safer projects, more innovation and faster results.

Viewpoints on Technologies & Trends

  • Are UAVs the Future of Disaster Response?

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    Our newfound ability to see from the sky not only helps us understand the scope of damage, but, more vitally, it points to the potential of UAVs as a powerful tool for disaster response. As discussions, potential policies and UAV technology evolve, we are moving closer to a day when UAVs are a core part of the post-event response arsenal. Learn more

  • Water Matters: Securing Your Source
Combining Remedies for Complex Superfund Sites

Remediation Perspectives Combined Remedies Article
At today's very large or complex Superfund cleanups, a single remedial technology alone cannot achieve restoration. Combined remedies leverage multiple technologies to achieve a common remedial goal. Learn more >>

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