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  • Brazil Sugar Mill

    Discovering Cleaner Production Technologies for São Paulo Industry

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    Many industries in São Paulo, Brazil, generate an excessive volume of wastewater due to the use of outdated industrial processes. CETESB, the São Paulo state environmental regulatory agency, is studying the application and implementation of cleaner production technologies to help the state’s industries move toward more sustainable development practices. Learn more

CDM Smith Alternative Delivery webinar

Webinar: Innovation in Alternative Delivery

A panel of CDM Smith alternative delivery veterans will discuss how teams of designers and builders work best to add innovation to engineering plans, and construction approaches and collaboration with clients. We’ll also look into the crystal ball and predict what innovations we might expect to deliver in the future. Learn more and register

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Industrial Outlook

Industrial Outlook issue 2
Natural gas and biogas are two alternative energy sources that may help businesses and industries realize financial and operational efficiencies.