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  • El Salvador NTH Lempa River Bridge
    The Bridge to Community Involvement

    Building the Northern Transnational Highway in El Salvador

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  • shale gas, rock, clean, clean water discharge
    Between a Rock and a Resource

    Pioneering the responsible extraction of shale gas

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  • Training Center Cape May base aerial
    Mission Ready

    U.S. Coast Guard settles into the new station at Cape May

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CDM Smith Projects Earn Four AAEES Awards

AAEES Awards

CDM Smith is proud to be recognized with three Grand Prize Awards and one Honor Award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. 

  • Disaster Management Video

    Stories that Matter: Managing the Disaster Cycle
10 Questions about Industrial Water Reuse

10 questions to consider about industrial water reuse
What are the potential costs and savings of industrial water reuse? Our Al Goodman has answers to this and nine other important questions about water reuse >>