Precious resources. Powerful insights. A future we build together.

A water partnership with CDM Smith is about much more than engineering. It is about thoughtful experts, powerful insights and smart decisions. It is an alliance to help you manage precious resources and get the most value from your infrastructure investments. Working together, we will build stronger communities and a more resilient future.

Setting a Higher Bar for Biosolids in Texas

By using the cutting-edge thermal hydrolysis process at its largest wastewater treatment plant, the Trinity River Authority of Texas is moving beyond biosolids disposal to a new era of resource recovery. Learn more about this innovative project

Partnering with Houston to Deliver the Nation’s Largest Progressive Design-Build Project

The Houston Waterworks Team is working with the city of Houston, Texas, to expand the Northeast water purification plant from 80 million gallons per day (mgd) to 400 mgd, dramatically increasing its ability to support steady residential and commercial growth while reducing dependency on groundwater. Learn more about Houston's collaborative water delivery project

A Historic Port City Plans for Future Risks

To mitigate potential threats like sea level rise and storm surge, Salem, Massachusetts worked with CDM Smith to develop a climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation plan. Find out how Salem created resiliency

Ozone Breakthroughs in Pipeline Disinfection

Denver Water and CDM Smith have collaborated to develop significant innovations that ensure drinking water pipelines are safe for public health. Research and development projects using ozone have established the potential for faster, cleaner and easier disinfection. Check out the potential of this innovative work

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Learn how we helped DC Water drive net-zero and innovation by turning biosolids into an asset in this edition of our Project Stories series.

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