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Flying Clean to Improve an Industry

Sustainability Reigns at Los Angeles World Airports

Furthering Los Angeles’ city-wide sustainability initiative, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) launched a plan to green its four-airport system, including Los Angeles International Airport. Already a leader in environmental stewardship, LAWA turned to us to help formalize an initiative to build sustainable practices into its business model. Together, we have embarked on an ambitious sustainability program that will further enhance the airport’s role as a key driver in national and regional economic growth, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Los Angeles World Airports’ innovative sustainability program focuses on goals like conserving water, reducing energy usage and increasing the use of socially responsible products.  

In partnership with LAWA, we created and implemented a sustainability performance improvement management system, which enables LAWA stakeholders to evaluate and integrate green practices across the organization. This framework allows LAWA to continually assess its sustainability initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and prioritize implementation. This dynamic approach sets the stage for continual growth, as opposed to a one-time assessment and plan.

The program sets targets and outlines efforts to help achieve many high-level objectives—such as conserving water, integrating sustainable practices into internal policies and processes, reducing emissions and energy usage, and increasing the use of socially responsible products. One of the most significant outcomes has been the creation of LAWA’s design and construction guidelines. These industry trend-setting guidelines are being used on all design and construction projects planned for the airport modernization program. The work has also been used by many airport leaders outside of Los Angeles as the basis for their own airport strategies.

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