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Connecting a Congested City

Exploring Transit Options to Clean and Green Los Angeles

Traveling in one of the United States’ most highly populated cities can be a challenge. Tremendous population and employment growth in greater Los Angeles has led to increased traffic and congestion, straining the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) transit system. We are engaged with LA Metro, leading several corridor studies as part of a county-wide effort to improve the rail transit system, decrease traffic congestion and increase sustainability.

Corridor studies in Los Angeles help increase ridership and sustainability by easing congestion, connecting neighborhoods and evaluating other modes of transportation.  

The Regional Connector Transit Corridor project will link several light rail lines, enabling passengers to ride from one side of LA County to the other without having to transfer, connecting the major districts of the city. This new seamless connection on the system-wide network would increase ridership by improving mobility for residents, commuters and tourists. The Westside Transit Corridor extension project studies assess population, development and environmental patterns in the most densely populated area of Los Angeles while evaluating various modes of transportation. The Eastside Transit Corridor project will explore transit alternatives for a 9-mile light rail extension to connect the communities east of downtown Los Angeles to the region’s growing rail transit network.

These corridor improvements are expected to double public transit ridership, reducing congestion, offsetting green house gas emissions, and improving air quality. These environmental improvements also help LA Metro apply for federal funding for the project.

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