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Whether it is a LEED®-certified recycling center in Chicago, rehabilitated schools in Jordan, water reclamation facility in Virginia or earthquake-resistant hospitals in Pakistan, we understand how the built environment must perform and coexist with the natural one. We deliver innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient facilities for our clients, their employees and their communities.

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    We deliver the full range of consulting, engineering, construction and operations services to create and implement comprehensive, sustainable solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities.

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    One-Stop Shopping on Guam

    Guam’s new base exchange offers convenient, one-stop shopping.

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    Facilities + Design-Build
    Mountains of Challenges, Enduring Rewards

    This design-build program is restoring facilities and hope after an earthquake.

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  • Facilities + Design-Build
    Supporting the Air Force through Sustainable Design and Construction

    The Joint Base Andrews administration facility is a powerful commitment to sustainability.

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  • Mining New Nuclear Solutions

    Converting a former iron mine in Germany to a radioactive waste repository.

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  • Making Room for the Future

    Jordan’s schools will better the learning experience and the community.

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Industrial Outlook

Industrial Outlook 2015 Issue 1
Battling water scarcity? Learn ways your business can overcome its difficulties in three specific scenarios.

Champion of Sustainable Facilities
Tim King Tim King
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Smart Transportation Facility

Combining Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority’s bus facilities will streamline operating costs.
A new, energy-efficient bus facility for Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority will help transition to cleaner fuels.

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