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Leaving a Clean Mark for the Steel Industry

Tailored Environmental Approaches for OneSteel and Transmark

To help meet the growing demand from Australian oil, gas and mining industries, MRC Transmark Pty. Ltd. (MRC) is focused on growing its capabilities as a key distributor and manufacturer of steel pipes and associated steel products. To advance their mission, the company recently purchased OneSteel Piping Systems, thus becoming the largest Australian domestic distributor of pipes, valves and fittings. As part of the acquisition process, CDM Smith was engaged by OneSteel to undertake Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessments (ESAs) on nine occupied sites, which were slated to be purchased by MRC.

Spanning across five states, the sites varied in historical uses and conditions, many of which are located in highly industrialized areas with the potential for offsite contamination. Potential sources of contamination included oils, rust proofing agents, manufacturing solvents, and previous land uses as a transpiration bed, domestic solid waste landfill and for other industrial purposes. The fast-track ESAs were simultaneously conducted within 5 months across all sites to meet the accelerated delivery schedule.

To provide the best technical approach, the project team was tailored so each site investigation was managed by staff with experience in that specific state and a strong knowledge of that state’s legislative requirements. This enabled us to efficiently and effectively assess a selection of technical requirements, such as compliance with state-approved guidelines and environmental protection policies, and to verify zoning and proposed use consistency. The teams were also able to assist in subsequent investigations and recommendations for future work, if required, that would allow for the suitable redevelopment of the sites. Despite the aggressive schedule, our team delivered the ESAs and met the closing conditions required for the acquisition on time and within budget, allowing MRC to achieve its environmental and business objectives.

OneSteel and Transmark