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Heat Recovery for Safer Sidewalks

Hot Water Loop System Melts Snow in Popular Ski Destination

The town of Avon and the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District are collectively committed to reducing energy consumption, maximizing unused resources and reducing carbon footprint. Making significant strides at meeting these goals, CDM Smith designed an integrated heat pump system for this popular ski and tourist destination tucked in the famous Rocky Mountains.

The hot water loop system will save town resources and ensure the safety of residents and visitors. 

The system will capture heat from wastewater treatment plant effluent to heat a hot water loop system in a 65,000-square-foot-area. The heated water will travel through insulated, shallow, underground pipes to melt snow on busy sidewalks—saving town resources and ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. During times when there is no demand for snow melting, the system will provide space and pool heating in the town’s recreational center.

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