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Biomass Replaces Coal for a Better Environment

Retrofitting the Stalowa Wola Power Plant in Poland

The 80,000 residents of Stalowa Wola, Poland, are enjoying a cleaner environment now that biomass has replaced coal to fuel their power plant. The original Stalowa Wola coal-fired power plant, built in 1939 to produce and distribute both electricity and heat to the town, has been retrofit with more efficient, environmentally friendly technology to burn biomass, a pure and renewable fuel source.

We designed the plant upgrades and improvements, and completed the environmental impact assessment required to implement the new greener technology to produce both heat and power. The modernization was completed in accordance with European Union regulations, meeting the requirement to use the best available technology. Since installation of the biomass boiler, the facility now achieves the desired technical-economic results, while the ecological benefits are even better than projected, with a significant reduction of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. As a result, the power plant has saved approximately PLN 7 million on charges for CO2 emissions in a year.

Because of the success of this facility, the Stalowa Wola power plant management plans to build another biomass burning boiler and completely discontinue using coal over the next 10 years.

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