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    We deliver the full range of consulting, engineering, construction and operations services to create and implement comprehensive, sustainable solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities.

  • Discovering Cleaner Production Technologies for São Paulo Industry

    CETESB is helping Sao Paulo's industries move toward more sustainable development practices.

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  • Collaboration Delivers Sustainable Groundwater Remediation

    The 10th Street Superfund site integrates remediation with resource recovery, providing billions of gallons of treated groundwater as supplementary potable water supply.

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  • Transportation
    Accelerating a Major Traffic Route

    Optimizing public transportation with a challenging geotechnical project.

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  • Energy + Water
    Maximizing Energy Resources, Minimizing Costs

    CDM Smith partnered with the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority to upgrade the Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant.

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  • facilities
    Beyond Bricks and Mortar

    Harvard’s utility delivery system is a model of environmental stewardship.

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Funding Future Mobility

Funding Future Mobility 10

In Exit 10, "The Gas Tax: A System at Risk," of our Funding Future Mobility series, Ed Regan explains how increased fuel efficiency is nullifying the gas tax's sustainability.

Cat-Del UV Facility Wins 2013 National Best of the Best Project

Catskill-Delaware UV ENR Best of the Best Award
The landmark Catskill-Delaware ultraviolet disinfection facility has been recognized with a 2013 National Best of the Best Project Award in the water/environment category by Engineering News-Record.