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    Water + Design-Build

    Seeing Clearly: Water Quality Redefined

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    United Water New Jersey met water supply demands, improved water quality and protected the environment by upgrading the Haworth water treatment plant. The design-build project features high-rate dissolved air flotation, ozone pretreatment, disinfection and residuals handling and treatment. Learn more

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    We deliver the full range of consulting, engineering, construction and operations services to create and implement comprehensive, sustainable solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities.

  • Delivering High-Quality Water for Dania Beach

    Dania Beach's nanofiltration water treatment plant expansion meets increased demands and improves finished water quality.

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  • Environment
    Cleaning House in a Large Contaminated Site

    Remediating soil and groundwater on a former chemical plant.

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  • Assessing BRT Alternatives on Ashland Avenue

    Bus rapid transit on Ashland Avenue would increase bus speeds by 83 percent.

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  • energy
    Energy + Water
    Cogeneration at Columbia Boulevard

    Columbia Boulevard’s cogeneration facilities provide 1.7 megawatts of power.

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  • Facilities + Design-Build
    Bringing Water Recovery and Reuse to Life

    This Frito-Lay facility uses renewable energy and advanced membranes to recycle process water while producing nearly zero waste.

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Geothermal Energy Expert
Frank Frauenstein
Funding Future Mobility

Funding Future Mobility Paper 9
In Exit 9, "Widening Mobility Funding Gap Fuels Urgency," in our Funding Future Mobility series, Ed Regan examines the implications of the rapidly depleting Highway Trust Fund.