• Energy

    Powering the Winds of Change

    Solutions - Energy

    Wind power is gaining ground as a renewable energy source in Poland. In Orla, we are partnering to assess environmental impacts, identify potential opportunities, and obtain the necessary permits to build a successful wind farm.

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  • CDM Avoca Mine Area

    Uniting to Clean a Tarnished Legacy

    Solutions - Environment

    The Avoca copper mines were closed after 2.5 centuries of operation, leaving significant site and water pollution. Our integrated efforts helped coordinate remediation, engage area stakeholders and study the effects on this unique location in Ireland.

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  • Former Chemical Factory

    Cleaning House in a Large Contaminated Site

    Solutions - Environment

    Years after converting a former chemical plant in Germany to a residential site, it was discovered that the area was highly contaminated, posing environmental and health risks for its many residents. A site rehabilitation plan will assess dangers, remediate soil and groundwater, and track progress.

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  • transportation

    Making a High-Speed Connection in Germany

    Solutions - Transportation

    The high-profile Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is connecting Southern Germany to other major European cities. This project will bring a new level of rail service to Germany, provide better access throughout Europe, and drive economic and cultural growth for the Stuttgart metropolitan area.

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  • Transportation

    Accelerating a Major Traffic Route

    Solutions - Transportation

    Trains will soon be running faster through Europe’s largest terminal train station in Leipzig, Germany. One of the most challenging geotechnical construction projects of our time, we are helping to accelerate local trains and reduce travel time by optimizing public transportation to the city center.

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  • energy

    Meeting Electricity and Heating Demands

    Solutions - Energy

    Combined heat and power creates heat and electricity at one source and boasts a nearly 85-percent efficiency rate. To efficiently meet energy needs and save money, we have been putting CHP projects in place throughout Poland.

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  • energy

    What Lies Beneath

    Solutions - Energy

    A top priority for R+V—the first company in Wiesbaden to use geothermal energy—was to find an alternative to traditional temperature regulation and be independent from rising energy costs. We partnered with the company to optimize the performance of its new geothermal system.

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  • CDM - Harbour Offenbach

    New Life for a Former Industrial Port

    Solutions - Environment

    Reclaiming unused industrial space, a new residential and commercial district is being developed on the site of a former river port in Germany. A rehabilitation and development strategy will clean soil and groundwater contamination, control costs, and meet all regulatory requirements.

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  • CDM Smith Wins Contract to Plan and Design Integrated Water Infrastructure in Turkey

    News + Events

    Under a new contract with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, funded through the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance Programme, CDM Smith will be assisting the Republic of Turkey in its alignment with European Union environmental legislation and the upgrade of its municipal infrastructure to safeguard human health and facilitate development.

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  • Industrial Outlook - Global Approaches to Soil Protection

    Global Approaches to Soil Protection and Revitalization

    Industrial Outlook

    Two European and U.S. initiatives are aimed at creating new policies and guidance for soil cleanup, protection, and land revitalization. While the European Union is focused on a comprehensive soil protection strategy for all member countries, the United States is providing an guidance on promoting land revitalization.

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  • Safety in Numbers


    The former Konrad iron ore mine is being developed into a radioactive waste repository. The storage facility will hold 303,000 cubic meters of waste—the amount expected to accumulate in Germany over the next 40 years.

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  • Grasping the Wind


    Wind farms in Poland are providing sustainable, renewable energy to help the country reduce its carbon emissions and reach target goals.

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  • Sylvenstein Dam Germany

    Retrofitting the Sylvenstein Dam


    To protect Munich and other towns in Bavaria from devastating floods, we are assuring stability of the Sylenstein Dam in Germany by providing general civil and structural engineering design, dam stability analyses, landscape conservation planning, and onsite supervision services.

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  • Ringsend wastewater treatment plant, Dublin, Ireland, United States

    A Tunnel to Clean Waters


    Despite space restrictions, a creative solution will enable CDM Smith and the Dublin City Council to upgrade and expand the Ringsend wastewater treatment works to meet demands and preserve the waters of Dublin Bay.

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  • Water

    Flood Protection on the Rhine

    Solutions - Water

    When the Ministry of Environment and Conservation determined the need to rehabilitate the flood protection in the area of the Rhine arch Muendelheim, we submitted a design combining the technical specifications with the interests of adjacent communities, and boundary conditions for sensitive waste and water lines.

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  • Mining New Nuclear Solutions

    Solutions - Facilities

    A former iron ore mine in Germany is being converted into a repository for radioactive waste. Applying our unique experience in shaft excavation and numerical analysis, we are planning, designing, assessing and supervising site construction to ensure secure, long-term disposal.

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  • Between a Rock and a Resource


    CDM Smith is supporting the oil and gas industry with development activities across multiple shale gas and other unconventional basins--stretching throughout the United States and in central Europe.

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  • water

    Restoring Montenegro’s Critical Infrastructure

    Solutions - Water

    This complex design-build project addressed Montenegro’s water and wastewater infrastructure needs—advancing water supply, protecting the environment and sustaining economic vitality for this coastal tourist area.

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  • Water

    Wastewater Upgrades for Warsaw

    Solutions - Water

    The Czajka wastewater treatment plant is being expanded for improved treatment efficiency and reduction of biosolids. CDM Smith has been supporting this project, starting with the master plan for the improvement of Warsaw’s water supply and sewage disposal systems, through the preparation of an environmental impact assessment.

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  • Transportation

    Easing Transport on a Major River

    Solutions - Transportation

    The Neckar River in Germany carries maritime traffic to three major trading ports, but is the only water route along the Rhine basin that cannot be navigated by large ships. To expand this river passage and accommodate larger cargo traffic, we are helping to repair locks and upgrade overall stability.

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