June 23, 2015

Creating an Award-Winning Safety Culture in Annapolis

Every CDM Smith project is guided by the belief that the health and safety of our employees and subcontractors is a top priority. Site-specific safety plan and reiterating safety habits on a daily basis can create an award-winning culture of safety, like on our project in Annapolis. Read More

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5 Myths about Design-Build Debunked

Design-build delivery offers many opportunities for collaboration, innovation and added value, but many owners still have concerns about this alternative delivery approach. Is choosing design-build delivery worth the potential pitfalls that some doubters may tout? We debunk the top five myths.

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What’s the best delivery method for your next big project?

Choosing from the menu of alternative delivery choices is a complex task. But finding innovative ways to obtain better value for your infrastructure investment becomes easier as you build more projects in your portfolio. Each alternative delivery method offers a different set of benefits when compared to traditional design-bid-build.

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Your Design-Build Sensei: An Owner's Advisor

If you plan to undertake design-build delivery for the first time, consider hiring an owner’s advisor to assist you through the process. The ideal advisor has previous experience in the specific type of design-build project you wish to undertake.

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Seven Ways to Optimize Your Alternative Delivery Project

While the benefits of alternative delivery are substantial, getting used to the process can be a challenge for you, your staff and your stakeholders – particularly if it’s your first time trying an alternative to design-bid-build.

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The Alternative Delivery Syllabus

To make your venture into the world of alternative delivery successful, it is vital that you and your team do the homework up front. The good news is, there are many phenomenal resources out there to help you cram for the big test.

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4 Ways 3D/4D Modeling Will Make Your Team More Safety-Conscious

Eric Johnson reveals four ways 3D/4D modeling cultivates safety-conscious teams by improving decision-making at all project phases.

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6 Water Supply Threats Industry Should Assess

Today's businesses face numerous threats to maintaining reliable, sustainable and affordable water supplies. Mitigating those risks is key to sustaining operations and can be achieved by evaluating your water sources according to six major risk categories.

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Groundwater Completion Strategies for Complex Sites

A new paradigm for cleanup of complex groundwater sites is emerging that includes reconsidering how cleanup goals are selected and structured, combining technologies in space or in time, and using improved performance metrics to evaluate real progress toward risk reduction during the lifetime of the remedy.

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The Path to Coal Ash Compliance

On April 17, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published the final Coal Combustion Residual rule, which becomes effective October 19, 2015. This infographic helps coal-fired power plant owners and operators navigate the rule's technical requirements for the safe disposal of CCR, commonly known as coal ash.

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