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Heat Recovery for Safer Sidewalks

The system will capture heat from wastewater treatment plant effluent to heat a hot water loop system. The heated water will travel through insulated, shallow, underground pipes to melt snow on busy sidewalks—saving town resources and ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. Read More

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To meet new federal renewable energy objectives—as well as limit environmental impacts, reduce demand on energy systems, decrease operations and maintenance costs, and increase the reliability of power systems—we are working to pilot test a food waste anaerobic digestion system for the Air Force Academy.

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Macquarie Plans an Energy-Efficient Campus

Macquarie University in Sydney is applying CDM Smith's urban systems model process, which has the capacity to link urban development with a range of sustainability options and outcomes, allowing for better decision making in urban design and development.

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Meeting Electricity and Heating Demands

Combined heat and power creates heat and electricity at one source and boasts a nearly 85-percent efficiency rate. To efficiently meet energy needs and save money, we have been putting CHP projects in place throughout Poland.

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Powering the Winds of Change

Wind power is gaining ground as a renewable energy source in Poland. In Orla, we are partnering to assess environmental impacts, identify potential opportunities, and obtain the necessary permits to build a successful wind farm.

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Renewable Waste-to-Energy Facility Fuels Florida County

This Florida WTE facility--the first in 15 years--is a model of sustainability and significantly improves the environment. It can process 1 million tons of municipal solid waste per year, generate enough electricity to power 56,000 homes, and reduce landfilling in Palm Beach County, Florida by up to 85 percent.

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The Benefits of Biogas

Offering flexibility and optimal advantages for the Gold Bar WWTP and the surrounding community, the biogas master plan integrates boiler operation and cogeneration, as well as biomethane and vehicle fuel generation.

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Green Future for Singapore

Using CDM Smith’s urban systems model to integrate the environment, land use, economy, society and infrastructure, JTC’s innovative CleanTech Park is a global lead for excellence in sustainable development, attracting intellectual assets to promote ongoing advancement of sustainable technologies.

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Waste-to-Energy Facility Powers Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County’s expanded waste-to-energy facility reduces greenhouse gases, cuts landfill waste by 90 percent, and generates enough electricity to power thousands of residential homes and the adjacent wastewater treatment plant.

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Biomass Replaces Coal for a Better Environment

The residents of Stalowa Wola, Poland, are enjoying a cleaner environment now that biomass has replaced coal to fuel their power plant. We designed and oversaw the environmental impact to retrofit this plant with more efficient, environmentally friendly technology to burn biomass, a pure and renewable fuel source.

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