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Warsaw Airport

Composing an Expanded Airport

Built in 1933, the Fryderyk Chopin Airport, Poland's largest and busiest, is constantly seeking ways to modernize and expand. For over 10 years, we have helped to provide the most efficient and effective facilities that support the airport’s continued growth. Read More

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Connecting a Congested City

Responding to tremendous population and employment growth, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority is leading several corridor studies to improve the city’s rail transit system, decrease traffic congestion, and increase sustainability.

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Easing Transport on a Major River

The Neckar River in Germany carries maritime traffic to three major trading ports, but is the only water route along the Rhine basin that cannot be navigated by large ships. To expand this river passage and accommodate larger cargo traffic, we are helping to repair locks and upgrade overall stability.

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Energy in Transit

A new, energy-efficient bus facility for Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority will help transition to cleaner fuels, reduce the carbon footprint and improve transportation for residents.

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Flying Clean to Improve an Industry

Los Angeles World Airports launched an industry trend-setting initiative to build sustainable practices into its business model. This ambitious program will further enhance the airport’s role as a key driver in national and regional economic growth, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

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Hot Lanes, Cool Travel

We partnered with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to design, develop, implement and operate the MnPASS express lane system, which uses an innovative new tolling design to offer additional capacity of existing high occupancy vehicle lanes to single occupant vehicles.

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How Florida Figured Out Freight

CDM Smith partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation to produce the state's Freight Mobility and Trade Plan, a focused policy and investment strategy to increase and enhance multimodal trade worldwide.

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Improving Mobility in a Growing County

The Butler Transit Authority responded to growing traffic challenges by designing an intermodal transit center to increase mobility options for its residents. Located on a brownfield site, the center creates modern solutions out of the county’s industrial history while improving sustainability.

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In Sync for a Roadway and Rowers

In Sarasota, Florida, the race to enhance North Cattlemen Road and a nearby regatta course took coordination. We led the effort to align the projects' timelines and the stakeholders' needs. At the finish line, the county won hosting duties for the 2017 World Rowing Championships.

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Keeping Communities Connected

Built in 1929, the original Milton-Madison Bridge was rapidly approaching the end of its service life. Our award-winning project management, accelerated environmental analysis, traffic studies and design-build contract assistance made renewing it within an aggressive timeframe possible.

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