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New Life for an Old Mine

CDM Smith implemented a design-build program to reactivate the idle Moss Gold Mine, allowing Golden Vertex to dig deeper and transform the historic site into a productive model of mining Read More

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New Life for a Former Industrial Port

Reclaiming unused industrial space, a new residential and commercial district is being developed on the site of a former river port in Germany. A rehabilitation and development strategy will clean soil and groundwater contamination, control costs, and meet all regulatory requirements.

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Flexible and Sustainable Design Expedites Groundwater Cleanup

The Old Roosevelt Field Superfund site LEED-certified groundwater treatment facility removes chlorinated solvents to protect public water supplies. Expedited design qualified EPA for ARRA funding and a flexible approach yielded substantial savings.

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Leaving a Clean Mark for the Steel Industry

CDM Smith was engaged to undertake Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments on nine occupied sites, slated to be purchased by MRC, which span five states and located in highly industrialized areas with the potential for offsite contamination.

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Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

Symbolizing a gateway to revitalization, this brownfields remediation project is a critical piece of a citywide redevelopment plan in Lawrence that will return properties to beneficial reuse, including a much-heralded landscaped parking facility.

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Easing Barriers for Expanded Port Capacity

The port of Abbot Point in Queensland, Australia, is supporting economic growth and upholding environmental standards to expand coal export capacity, making it one of the largest bulk coal terminals in the world.

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Restoring Hope in Libby

The pristine views from Libby, Montana, make it difficult to imagine that a public health crisis has unfolded here. But it has, and serving as prime contractor, we are leading this unprecedented investigation and Superfund cleanup to boost the local economy and protect public health.

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Delivering Progress through Innovation at Well 12A

The triple treatment remedial approach at the Commencement Bay–South Tacoma Channel Well 12A Superfund site established a contaminant mass discharge reduction goal of 90 percent, with the technologies integrated to maximize synergy and overall treatment performance.

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Transforming the Upper Tenmile Creek Mining Area

Master planning, management tools and collaboration with federal, state and local agencies helped to successfully implement remedial actions across the large, complex Upper Tenmile Creek Mining waterhed area.

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Uniting to Clean a Tarnished Legacy

The Avoca copper mines were closed after 2.5 centuries of operation, leaving significant site and water pollution. Our integrated efforts helped coordinate remediation, engage area stakeholders and study the effects on this unique location in Ireland.

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