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CDM - Orange County California

Waste Not, Want Not

Orange County’s groundwater replenishment system produces potable water for indirect reuse from highly treated wastewater—conserving and recovering limited water resources, reducing energy consumption and supporting economic vitality. Read More

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Wastewater Upgrades for Warsaw

The Czajka wastewater treatment plant is being expanded for improved treatment efficiency and reduction of biosolids. CDM Smith has been supporting this project, starting with the master plan for the improvement of Warsaw’s water supply and sewage disposal systems, through the preparation of an environmental impact assessment.

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Flood Protection on the Rhine

When the Ministry of Environment and Conservation determined the need to rehabilitate the flood protection in the area of the Rhine arch Muendelheim, we submitted a design combining the technical specifications with the interests of adjacent communities, and boundary conditions for sensitive waste and water lines.

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Collaboration Delivers Sustainable Groundwater Remediation

At the 10th Street Superfund site near Columbus, Nebraska, volatile organic compounds have contaminated soil and groundwater, affecting the city’s southern municipal well field. CDM Smith’s innovative and sustainable resource recovery practice provides billions of gallons of treated groundwater as supplementary potable water supply.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

A major manufacturer’s innovative emissions control system is keeping its plant operating at critical production levels. Our design-build delivery reduced emissions quickly, cost-effectively and without worry.

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Cleaning Contaminated Groundwater in Place

Enhanced anaerobic bioremediation, which leverages naturally occurring bacteria, boosted by simple lactate, is the sustainable, effective remedy that Rockwell Automation was looking for to clean contaminated groundwater in Florida.

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Cleaning House in a Large Contaminated Site

Years after converting a former chemical plant in Germany to a residential site, it was discovered that the area was highly contaminated, posing environmental and health risks for its many residents. A site rehabilitation plan will assess dangers, remediate soil and groundwater, and track progress.

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Combined Remedies Restore Complex Site for Reuse

: Innovative combined remedies (in situ bioremediation and in situ thermal remediation) treat chlorinated solvents and DNAPL in soil and groundwater in aggressive timeframe, enabling timely transfer of land to the city of San Francisco.

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Visualizing Contamination Supports Sound Cleanup Decisions

CDM Smith’s 3D environmental visualization systems model conceptualized the extent of contamination, guided logical construction sequencing, and supported evaluation of funding scenarios.

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Looking Deep to Remediate Perchlorate

CDM Smith’s patented gaseous electron donor injection technology is an innovative, versatile and environmentally friendly in situ approach to remediate perchlorate and nitrate contamination, protecting groundwater; minimizing expensive drinking water treatment technologies; and treating many other contaminants.

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