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Restoring Snow Creek Stream, Sustainably

The Snow Creek Stream environmental restoration zone project, which won the first Platinum Envision sustainability rating, restored sensitive environmental areas, stormwater treatment, trail improvements and educational and way-finding signage. Read More

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Supporting Sustainable Growth

CDM Smith partnered with WRA to create a bioenergy master plan and upgrade facilities, using life-cycle analysis to improve the waste-receiving facilities and anaerobic-treatment process used at its 97million gallon-per-day wastewater treatment facility.

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Supporting Water Management in the Permian Basin

Since 2015, CDM Smith has been in the Permian Basin supporting a leading, confidential natural gas and oil developer with its water management for unconventional development. We are designing and constructing water management infrastructure to cost-effectively store, blend, deliver and use diverse sources of water to support drilling and completions activities.

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Landmark Capital Improvements in Puerto Rico

With extraordinary vision, PRASA is transforming itself into a world-class utility. Meeting this challenge requires the planning and implementation of an unprecedented $2.3 billion capital improvements program with island-wide coverage, to be completed in a record 5 years.

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Supporting Military Preparedness

We partnered with the U.S. Marine Corps and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest to design, build, operate and maintain this ongoing program at Camp Pendleton to enhance overall water and wastewater system operations and reliability.

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A Reservoir in the City

Singapore’s Marina Barrage, a low-level dam, reliably accommodates excess precipitation, provides effective flood control, and enhances water supply and quality. The complex’s technical and architectural features support and enhance the lifestyle and economic development of Singapore’s urban center.

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Making Every Drop Count

The RIAL program has helped Jordan meet water use challenges with a series of projects to reuse wastewater. Addressing agricultural, industrial, and urban needs, efforts advanced Jordan toward its goal of 100-percent water reuse to protect water supply, public and environmental health and socioeconomic development.

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Quenching a Desert Community's Thirst

North America’s largest desalination facilities apply reverse osmosis membranes to treat brackish groundwater and uses deep-well injection for inland disposal of concentrate—delivering reliable, economical drinking water to a growing desert community.

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Restoring Montenegro’s Critical Infrastructure

This complex design-build project addressed Montenegro’s water and wastewater infrastructure needs—advancing water supply, protecting the environment and sustaining economic vitality for this coastal tourist area.

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Technology and Sustainability Meet

Implemented with design-build delivery and intelligent 3D and 4D design, the sustainable Arbennie Pritchett water reclamation facility produces high-quality reclaimed water, protects dwindling resources, and contributes to the area’s economic vitality.

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