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Turbine Technology 2.0

CDM Smith installed a hydraulic turbine in an existing Massachusetts water storage facility, powering the facility and returning energy to the grid. Read More

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Mission Ready

Designed and built by CDM Smith, the U.S. Coast Guard's $11.4 million station at Training Center Cape May better serves the agency's mission and operational needs in the Delaware Bay and mid-Atlantic region.

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Managing the Complex

CDM Smith provided comprehensive project and construction management, project controls, resident engineering and inspection, and project-wide geotechnical support for King County's Brightwater wastewater treatment plant.

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Retrofitting the Sylvenstein Dam

To protect Munich and other towns in Bavaria from devastating floods, we are assuring stability of the Sylenstein Dam in Germany by providing general civil and structural engineering design, dam stability analyses, landscape conservation planning, and onsite supervision services.

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Maximizing Renewable Energy in Large-Scale Water Reuse

Upgrades to Shafdan wastewater treatment plant, the largest in Israel, will include one of the largest anaerobic digestion and cogeneration facilities in the world.

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Transforming Food Waste into Fuel

Wastewater treatment plants have the potential to be efficient, energy-producing facilities. Adding fat, oil and grease, as well as food waste, to anaerobic digestion accelerates the process, producing more methane gas for beneficial use and reducing the amount of solid waste conveyed to landfills.

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Building Infrastructure that Builds a Community

The Wyaralong Dam project and recreational area in South East Queensland, Australia, is an example of sustainable infrastructure incorporating long-term environmental management and planning. The project employed local businesses and workers, provided outdoor space for the community, and stimulated tourism—all while offsetting carbon emissions and protecting local wildlife.

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Rapid Responses for Reliable Transit

Bus rapid transit (BRT) is an adaptable solution being used in urban areas to help improve service and respect existing transit corridors. CDM Smith is partnering with transit agencies across the United States to plan, design and implement BRT solutions in cities like Cleveland, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois.

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Grasping the Wind

Wind farms in Poland are providing sustainable, renewable energy to help the country reduce its carbon emissions and reach target goals.

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Safer Water Within Reach

A CDM Smith engineer has partnered with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology master’s student and faculty member to develop a new type of household water treatment and storage system for people living in developing countries.

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