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Between a Rock and a Resource

CDM Smith is supporting the oil and gas industry with development activities across multiple shale gas and other unconventional basins--stretching throughout the United States and in central Europe. Read More

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Beyond These Walls

These two Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified buildings have become models of renewal, sustainability and community for New Orleans, Louisiana, and Chicago, Illinois.

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Collaborating for Interstate Success

This first-of-its-kind study evaluated the business case for dedicated truck lanes on I-70 in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Illinois.

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Building a Stronger, Smarter City

The bustling city of Columbia, South Carolina, has outgrown its wastewater system. Well-equipped to handle expected wastewater flows 40 years ago, the system now deals with amounts as much as three times higher. The city is now securing a future of growth by overhauling its wastewater system.

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Driving Net-Zero at DC Water

Upgrades to Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant will incorporate the thermal hydrolysis process (THP)—the first facility in the United States to use this technology, and the largest THP plant in the world.

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Creating Sustainable Communities Through Smart Decisions

Connecting experts around the world through its base in Singapore, CDM Smith’s Neysadurai Centre for Integrated Urban Solutions is helping clients get the most out of limited funding while addressing competing demands, properly valuing natural resources, protecting ecosystems and improving infrastructure.

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Partnering with Houston to Deliver the Nation’s Largest Progressive Design-Build Project

The Houston Waterworks Team is working with the city of Houston, Texas, to expand the Northeast water purification plant from 80 million gallons per day (mgd) to 400 mgd, dramatically increasing its ability to support steady residential and commercial growth while reducing dependency on groundwater.

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Rapid Enhancements in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation needed to replace hundreds of roughly 4,000 structurally deficient bridges, while minimizing public inconvenience and overcoming funding and resource limitations. CDM Smith helped PennDOT build its bridge program and a strong public-private partnership procurement. Now, an unprecedented 558 bridges will be replaced in just three years, improving safety and mobility for travelers.

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Reaping the Rewards of Industrial Ecology

A modern ecocomplex will be a green industrial park where treatment facilities and industry unite to recover resources and maximize renewable energy. Industrial ecology boasts several benefits, including protecting natural resources, generating renewable energy, and controlling solid waste management costs.

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Securing a Sustainable Future

Looking to instill sustainability and creative energy management in all city functions, Asheville partnered with CDM Smith to create an award-winning sustainability management plan that encompasses solutions for transportation, water, wastewater, solid waste, green building and land use planning.

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