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Linking Systems and Tools with GIS and Dashboard Technologies

Technology is turning over at an exponential rate, leaving many to wonder how often they should invest in new tech. Before dipping into budgets, Jayson Brennen recommends developing a framework around your current systems using GIS and dashboard technologies to maximize return on investment and harness the power of your recent investments. Read More

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Innovation in the Water Industry

Advances in water technology are key to building smart cities and strong communities. CDM Smith North America Unit President Tony Bouchard shares insights into the exciting developments taking place in the water industry.

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How Can Instrumentation and Control Systems Benefit Your Operations?

Instrumentation and control (I&C) systems have seen significant advancements recently thanks to new, affordable technology. CDM Smith's Chris Aviña details how I&C systems can deliver precision and enhance efficiency to reduce errors, improve production and operations and create long-term savings.

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Mapping a Smarter Future with Technology

The path to building a smarter utility starts with establishing clear goals and considering how technology can help get you there. Ask these four key questions to start building your technology roadmap.

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The Motor Fuel Tax: A Critical System at Risk

CDM Smith tolling expert Ed Regan discusses why transportation funding is at risk with the motor fuel tax and outlines why a mileage-based user fee system may be a better alternative for funding future mobility.

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Odor-Eating Microbes Improve Air Quality

Odor from wastewater treatment plants is an everyday challenge for utilities. Although odor-eating microbes for air quality control is not a new technology, the rate at which these bugs—thiobacillus—work their magic is.

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Planning for Growth with One Water

Communities seeking to nurture and attract new growth and businesses of the future must be equipped with secure reliable resources and maintain water quality; the best way to achieve this is through an innovative One Water approach.

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Relationships Key to Design-Build Projects for Industry

When developing environmental facilities and treatment systems, improving proprietary processes, and implementing one-of-a-kind projects, the design-build approach provides substantial advantages in the delivery of industrial facilities.

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ROCKS: Sustainability Basics for the Developing World

The developing world has begun planning its cities of the future. However, attempts are often inconsistent and blocked by a number of public and private constraints. One way to overcome these barriers is to develop and implement infrastructure master plans while employing basic tenets, or a foundation, of sustainability: ROCKS.

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Securing Your Energy Future

Having reliable energy can mean the difference between getting your product to market and having to shut down your facility’s production line. Onsite energy management or distributed generation—through combined heat and power or anaerobic digestion—can help you better manage energy purchasing costs, avoid costly disruptions and increase efficiency and sustainability.

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