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Coal Combustion Product Regulation and Remediation

This article examines recent industrial byproduct safety incidents that have sparked global debate about coal combustion product impoundment regulation. Read More

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The New International Green Construction Code

The International Code Council recently launched the International Green Construction Code initiative, subtitled "Safe and Sustainable: By the Book." The IGCC aims to significantly reduce energy usage and greenhouse gases through mandatory green building design and performance in new and existing commercial buildings.

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Sustainable Remediation

Sustainable remediation is a holistic approach to achieving site objectives, preserving natural resources, economic viability, and enhanced quality of life.

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Design-Build for Expediting Project Schedules

New permit requirements, court orders, and other critical schedule drivers often require companies to complete complex projects in a short amount of time. When schedules are tight and the pressure is on, choosing a design-build approach for project completion can make all the difference.

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Steps Toward a Lighter Water Footprint

Sustainability is a hot topic for companies and water usage/discharge is an important component to overall sustainable operations. For many facility and operations managers, an emerging term to keep in mind is water footprint.

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Microconstituents—Staying Ahead of the Game

There are 2.5 million chemical compounds in existence; new and refined analytical testing procedures—capable of measuring in nanograms and parts per quadrillion—are enabling the detection of these "microconstituents." Understanding the presence and implications of them is important for managing health risks and liability, and for protecting brand reputation.

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Environmental Management Systems

Competing successfully in the increasingly complex marketplace requires an understanding of the interdependent dimensions of the environmental, social, and economic landscape, and being equipped to deal with the increasing rate at which change occurs. For many organizations, developing an EMS is often the catalyst for new ways of thinking about sustainability performance.

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Global Approaches to Soil Protection and Revitalization

Two European and U.S. initiatives are aimed at creating new policies and guidance for soil cleanup, protection, and land revitalization. While the European Union is focused on a comprehensive soil protection strategy for all member countries, the United States is providing an guidance on promoting land revitalization.

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Three Factors for a Successful P3 Procurement

Public-private partnerships (P3) can be powerful and effective tools in achieving public policy, cost and schedule objectives, relieving public agencies of the burden of financing a project, speeding up delivery, fostering efficient management, and increasing opportunities for innovation. Thinking about a P3? Keep these three procurement success factors in mind.

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Four Tips for Making the Most of Your Data

New and emerging technology is giving the world exciting ways to obtain insight and knowledge from acquired data, providing access to information used to help with process optimization, risk prevention, health and safety risk reduction, and more successful strategic growth planning.

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