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Ozone Breakthroughs in Pipeline Disinfection

Denver Water and CDM Smith have collaborated to develop significant innovations that ensure drinking water pipelines are safe for public health. Research and development projects using ozone have established the potential for faster, cleaner and easier disinfection. Read More

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10 Things to Know about Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is a more sustainable approach to managing urban stormwater. It can help you respond to environmental conditions, create cost savings and support resilient communities.

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Alternative Energy

This issue of Industrial Outlook explores two alternative energy sources that may help businesses and industries realize financial and operational efficiencies: natural gas and biogas.

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Applying Reclaimed Water for Industrial Uses

Reclaimed water can meet diverse water quality standards to support industrial and commercial process demands, irrigation and other non-potable uses. This article explains how reclaimed water is a sustainable solution for industries to consider and implement as a part of their water use and management strategy

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Choosing the Right EPC Partner

As the need for project customization grows, the engineering procurement construction (EPC) delivery method continues to provide innovative design and construction solutions that shape the future of projects.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Facilities Budget

Faced with staff and budget funding challenges, corporations may find it difficult to invest in both short- and long-term facility improvements. Industrial sector capital is prioritized to propel research and production programs. However, there are ways to save on facilities so that more funds are available for those key programs.

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Overcoming Three Water Scarcity Quandaries

Whether caused by drought, salinity or poor quality, or tied to geography or cost, water scarcity can slow output, stall product development and impede expansion for all types of businesses. In this article, three prevalent water scarcity quandaries and the solutions to overcome them are examined.

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Smart Approach to Renewable Energy

Leveraging renewable energy has many benefits. To be successful, organizations must set realistic and beneficial green goals. A holistic evaluation of an energy environment will help achieve the best energy strategy.

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Taking a Closer Look at Water Conservation

As the demand for water grows, business and industry continue to identify ways to enhance the value of clean, reliable water. In this issue, we explore the drivers of water use (or reuse) and outline the best approaches for water conservation.

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ISO 50001: The New Energy Management System Standard

In 2011, ISO released ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems (EnMS). This voluntary standard serves as a model to elevate energy management and conservation efforts by embedding awareness, best practices and increased value firmwide.

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