Remediation Perspectives Series

  • Managing Mercury

    file under: Environment, Federal Government

    Mercury contamination is an age-old problem that negatively affects human and ecosystem health. The integration of technology and human expertise is necessary to understand, manage and mitigate mercury’s effects. Learn more about this topic

Innovations in Remediation

  • Combined Remedies Restore Complex Site for Reuse

    file under: Bioremediation, Environment, Federal Government, North America, United States

    : Innovative combined remedies (in situ bioremediation and in situ thermal remediation) treat chlorinated solvents and DNAPL in soil and groundwater in aggressive timeframe, enabling timely transfer of land to the city of San Francisco. Learn more

Stories that Matter: Getting Back to Business in Libby

CDM Smith helps Libby, Montana, recover from devastating contamination and get back to business. Watch the Libby video

A Social History of the Black Butte Mine Superfund Site

CDM Smith is helping the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency characterize and clean up this historic mercury mine in Oregon.

Results in Remediation

Superfund Insights
We are enhancing the Superfund program—through advanced technologies and innovative designs, effective and efficient program management, and industry-respected thought leadership—to improve the environment, economy and community.

Innovator in Bioremediation
Pat Evans