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  • Driving Smart Solutions

    Leveraging our cross-sector experience, we're meeting challenges with fresh, creative thinking that lets clients focus on running their business.

  • Chemicals + Design-Build
    Pedal to the Plastic

    Design-build delivers an innovative compounding plant

    Read about LANXESS' facility
  • Food and Beverage + Design-Build
    Bringing Water Recovery and Reuse to Life

    Renewable energy and advanced membranes to recycle process water help to produce nearly zero waste for Frito-Lay

    Learn more
  • Metals and Mining + Design-Build
    The Power of Recycling

    Integrating stormwater and industrial wastewater treatment for Johnson Controls

    Learn more about JCI's world-class treatment system
  • Oil and Gas + Water
    Less Brine, More Benefits

    The Adam’s Ranch Water Treatment System

    Learn More
  • Oil and Gas + Water
    Rethinking Water Use in the Eagle Ford Shale

    Learn more about Marathon Oil's integrated water management
Meet LPG

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Reduce Water Use through Recycling

Industrial Water Reuse
In this issue of Chemical Engineering Progress, our Al Goodman and Allegra da Silva review water-reclamation technologies and explain how to determine whether water reuse is a feasible option for your industrial facility.

10 Questions about Industrial Water Reuse

10 questions to consider about industrial water reuse
What are the potential costs and savings of industrial water reuse? We answer this and nine other pressing questions about water reuse >>

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