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  • The Gas Tax: A System at Risk

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    With increasing fuel efficiency and the advent of plug-in electric vehicles, the gas tax's days may be numbered. Perhaps most problematic is inconsistency in U.S. national policy. In essence, the backbone of transportation finance depends on the taxation of a commodity (gas) that we actively discourage be used. Learn more


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    Building the Northern Transnational Highway in El Salvador

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    Pioneering the responsible extraction of shale gas

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    U.S. Coast Guard settles into the new station at Cape May

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    Industrial Outlook
    2014 Issue 1
    Getting the Most Out of Your Facilities Budget

    Faced with staff and budget funding challenges, corporations may find it difficult to invest in both short- and long-term facility improvements. Industrial sector capital is prioritized to propel research and production programs. However, there are ways to save on facilities so that more funds are available for those key programs. Read the latest issue of Industrial Outlook

CDM Smith Projects Earn Four AAEES Awards

AAEES Awards

CDM Smith is proud to be recognized with three Grand Prize Awards and one Honor Award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. 

  • Stories that Matter: Managing the Disaster Cycle

10 Steps to Disaster Preparedness
Discover the top 10 steps to successfully manage and mitigate disaster.

Creating Resilient Communities
CDM Smith is helping clients around the world create resilient communities—able to respond and adapt to changing conditions.

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