Driving Progress Through Research & Development

For more than six decades, CDM Smith has been actively involved in water, wastewater, transportation, environmental and energy research and development (R&D) projects worldwide. Our R&D program’s mission is to develop and advance innovative technologies as well as to find faster, better, and more cost effective ways to execute projects. Over the past 5 years, CDM Smith has funded more than 250 research and development projects across all technical disciplines. These R&D projects range from development of software tools and models, to bench scale studies conducted in CDM Smith’s treatability laboratory, to field scale pilot studies.

CDM Smith’s internal R&D projects have led to innovations in co-digestion, indirect and direct potable reuse, disinfection, transportation, remediation, water treatment, and climate change to name a few. We currently have active R&D projects in collaboration with industry research foundations, universities, vendors and client partners. In 2015, CDM Smith performed more than $4 million of work through this program to advance the state of the industry.

inhouse R&DOur In-House Laboratories Advance R&D Activities
CDM Smith operates three laboratory facilities capable of supporting customized treatability studies, process optimization studies, research and development for drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation, laboratory design projects, chemical and biohazard safety training, and new technology development projects involving process engineering, chemistry, and microbiology.

Mixed RealityOur Innovation and Disruptive Technology Program Delivers Innovative Project Solutions 
Our Innovation and Disruptive Technology group is devoted to identifying and evaluating emerging and disruptive tools and technologies to change the way our industry approaches project delivery. These advances streamline design and allow unprecedented levels of collaboration, benefiting our clients and projects. The team works with industry leaders and subject matter experts to identify opportunities that target technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) as a way to deliver new project solutions with clear near-term payback to our clients. The team also focuses on developing solutions around the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) concept by pushing for deeper engagement into smart city and smart transportation efforts and working to develop a network of IoT partners to help deliver smarter, better connected and more integrated infrastructure.  

R&D and Innovation in Action 
These projects and highlights showcase our firmwide commitment to advancing R&D and continually propelling our industry forward.  

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