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New Industrial Webinar—
Water Matters: Taking Treatment Up a Level

June 15, 2016

Part three of a four-part series in which our experts discuss the increasing and critical importance of water management at industrial facilities  ...

Water Matters:
Taking Treatment Up a Level

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
1 p.m. EDT

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Looking to level up your facility's water treatment? Whether your goal is limiting sewer surcharges, reducing compliance hurdles, achieving sustainability targets, or answering consumer demand for environmentally friendly products—the latest advancements in industrial water and wastewater treatment can help you produce the consistent, high-quality effluent results you desire.

In this session, CDM Smith’s Marie Burbano, Jim Kang and Rick Molongoski will discuss:

  • What you need to know about biological and advanced industrial water/wastewater treatment
  • Advantages and disadvantages of aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment, as well as membrane bioreactor technology
  • Treatment steps to consider to achieve high-quality effluent suitable for different reuse applications
  • Examples of CDM Smith's relevant industrial water/wastewater treatment projects
  • What's on the industrial water treatment horizon

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You will earn 1 professional development hour (PDH) credit for attending this webinar issued from CDM Smith University, an IACET-accredited institution.

Marie BurbanoMarie Burbano, Ph.D., PE, BCECE, is an associate with 18 years of experience in wastewater treatment, which has been applied toward wastewater process analysis and modeling, wastewater treatment plant design, solids processing design, computational fluid dynamics, pilot studies and project management.

Jim KangJim Kang, Ph.D., PE, is a vice president and industrial water and wastewater expert in CDM Smith's Industrial Services Group. Jim has 30 years of experience in industrial water/wastewater treatment, with expertise in biological, physical and chemical wastewater treatment, water reuse, unconventional shale oil and gas produced water treatment, oil and grease and heavy metal removal, and various in-situ and ex-situ groundwater treatment.

Rick MolongoskiRick Molongoski, PE, BCEE, is a vice president and food and beverage sector leader in CDM Smith's Industrial Services Group. Rick has 35 years of experience in industrial water management, including process water treatment and use, process wastewater treatment and reuse, and stormwater management.