• Volunteers worked with community members in Nahuaterique, Honduras, to design and install a water storage tank that now delivers safe drinking water and sanitation for two remote villages.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders

Improve lives through sustainable water projects that meet basic human needs. Break the poverty cycle. Foster better public health, education, and employment. These are goals of Engineers Without Borders, a non-profit organization that partners with developing communities worldwide to help meet their needs for simple, yet effective clean water, sanitation, or other life-sustaining systems.

CDM Smith is an official global sponsor of Engineers Without Borders-USA. The firm and our employees support EWB financially and our employees volunteer their time on project teams that partner with developing communities to make life better. Also, through a unique grant program, CDM Smith provides financial support for travel and other expenses to our employees who volunteer for EWB-USA service projects. And our employees lead local chapters and organize fundraising events to support them.

CDM Smith contributions to EWB campus chaptersAt college career fairs across the country, we meet with EWB chapter members and make donations to local chapters based on student visits to our booth, demonstrating CDM Smith's commitment to EWB at all levels and letting students know that they can continue their EWB involvement once they join us.

In fact, EWB-USA has endorsed CDM Smith's employee EWB program as a corporate model that embeds the spirit of social responsibility and giving within the culture, while supporting the business needs of recruiting and retention.

Reliable water supply for a community in Togo. A new water system for a village in Honduras. A solar panel system to supply energy for a birthing clinic in hurricane-torn Haiti. These are a few examples of the volunteer projects our employees have accomplished through Engineers Without Borders.