• Thirty CDM Smith employees and friends took to the Charles River to celebrate Earth Day in Boston by participating in the annual 24-mile Run of the Charles canoe race. CDM Smith has a proud history of sponsorship and participation in this community event, which raises the awareness of how watersheds and urban rivers promote a healthy environment.
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CDM Smith Cares in the Community

Our people are caring global citizens helping to make life better. We volunteer in schools, non-profits organizations, civic events, and environmental clean-ups. We donate funds and volunteer our expertise on projects with Engineers Without Borders and Water for People.
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  • Engineers Without Borders
    Engineers without Borders Engineers Without Borders

    Reliable water supply for a community in Togo. A new water system for a village in Honduras. A solar panel system to supply energy to a birthing clinic in hurricane-torn Haiti. These are just a few examples of the volunteer projects our employees have accomplished through Engineers Without Borders. Learn more

  • Water For People
    Water For People

    CDM Smith and our employees support Water For People, an international humanitarian organization of dedicated people who recognize water as a primary building block of life. Each year, our annual giving campaign raises funds to help developing communities gain access to safe drinking water, better sanitation, and public health education. Learn more

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