Quality is Excellence Delivered


Quality—excellence delivered—is achieved through CDM Smith's culture of high expectations and our rigorous program of quality management through leadership, processes, and training.

Leadership - Responsible for leading quality management at CDM Smith, Chief Quality Officer Douglas Updike reports directly to the President. He leads a network of quality managers in all business units who inspire, manage, and audit quality and client satisfaction in all our work.

Processes - CDM Smith adheres to a rigorous and comprehensive quality management program, with detailed quality manuals, project technical reviews, and continuous quality monitoring for the life of the project. We gather feedback through client audits and satisfaction surveys, and share lessons learned as a process for continuous improvement.

Training and Certification - Through CDM Smith University (accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training), CDM Smith provides rigorous training and certification for our client sales leaders, project managers, technical professionals, and administrative staff. Our technical professionals also collaborate through a discipline-based network, conducting research and development and sharing knowledge and best practices across the firm.