Solutions for the Environment and Infrastructure

  • Putting Produced Water to Beneficial Reuse

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    To help WestSide Corporation achieve a high standard of water management practices and cost-effectively put their coal seam gas produced water to beneficial reuse, CDM Smith assessed injecting produced water into local aquifers as groundwater recharge and recommended conveyance system design options. Learn more

Webinar: Optimizing Your Delivery Method

In this alternative delivery webinar, CDM Smith experts explain how alternative delivery methods, like construction manager-at-risk and progressive design-build, can offer significant advantages for project owners with challenging schedules and tight budgets. Learn more and register

Thought Leadership

  • Overcoming Three Water Scarcity Quandaries

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    Whether caused by drought, salinity or poor quality, or tied to geography or cost, water scarcity can slow output, stall product development and impede expansion for all types of businesses. In this article, three prevalent water scarcity quandaries and the solutions to overcome them are examined. Learn more

Remediation Perspectives Series

  • Maximizing Efficiency of Abandoned Mine Remediation Projects

    file under: Environment, Federal Government, North America, United States, Sustainability

    Remediation of mine sites presents distinct challenges that can extend clean-up schedules and stretch resources. However, focusing on time-proven remedies, balancing short- and long-term expenditures, and applying innovative approaches can improve the efficiency and sustainability of abandoned mine remediation projects. Learn more about this topic

Top 5 Myths about Design-Build Debunked

Design-build delivery offers many opportunities for collaboration, innovation and added value, but many owners still have concerns about this alternative delivery approach. We debunk the top five myths >>

Superfund Insights
See how we are enhancing the Superfund program through innovative designs, efficient program management and industry respected thought leadership.

  • Stories that Matter: Getting Back to Business in Libby