• Discovering Cleaner Production Technologies for São Paulo Industry

    file under: Business + Industry, Environment, Latin America, Water Reuse

    Many industries in São Paulo, Brazil, generate an excessive volume of wastewater due to the use of outdated industrial processes. CETESB, the São Paulo state environmental regulatory agency, is studying the application and implementation of cleaner production technologies to help the state’s industries move toward more sustainable development practices. Learn more

How Florida Figured Out Freight

CDM Smith partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation to produce the state's Freight Mobility and Trade Plan, a focused policy and investment strategy to increase and enhance multimodal trade worldwide. Read this infographic to learn about Florida's planned approach.


  • The Gas Tax: A System at Risk

    file under: Federal Government, Government, Sustainability, Transportation, United States

    With increasing fuel efficiency and the advent of plug-in electric vehicles, the gas tax's days may be numbered. Perhaps most problematic is inconsistency in U.S. national policy. In essence, the backbone of transportation finance depends on the taxation of a commodity (gas) that we actively discourage be used. Learn more


CDM Smith Projects Earn Four AAEES Awards

AAEES Awards

CDM Smith is proud to be recognized with three Grand Prize Awards and one Honor Award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. 

10 Steps to Disaster Preparedness
Discover the top 10 steps to successfully manage and mitigate disaster.