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Water is among our most precious and strained resources. At CDM Smith, our water science team can model and monitor all components of the water cycle. We specialise in simulation of complex water systems, including rivers and aquifers; the interactions of ecosystems with surface water and groundwater; and in the development and management of water resources to benefit our clients and the environment. We find solutions that provide a secure and sustainable approach to managing water to balance consumptive and environmental needs.

  • Water: Managing a Precious Resource

    We deliver the full range of engineering and construction services to create and implement comprehensive, sustainable solutions in water.

  • Fast-Track Levee Construction Protects St. George

    Stakeholder-focused solution answers Queensland’s flooding crisis

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  • Pioneering Proactive Flood Response and Emergency Management

    Implementing a dynamic Emergency Management System (EMS) to better equip Queensland communities for natural disasters.

    Learn more about CDM Smith's Emergency Management System
  • A Reservoir in the City
    A Reservoir in the City

    Singapore’s Marina Barrage

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  • Putting Produced Water to Beneficial Reuse

    WestSide Corporation’s Water Conveyance and Treatment System

    Learn more about WestSide Corporation
  • Building Infrastructure that Builds a Community

    Australia's Wyaralong Dam project demonstrates the potential of strategic, sustainable infrastructure

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Learn how we helped DC Water drive net-zero and innovation by turning biosolids into an asset in this edition of our Project Stories series.

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