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Project Stories Videos

  • A New Legacy for Alumni Drive

    file under: Green Design, Sustainability, Transportation, United States

    Congestion is a thing of the past along Alumni Drive—the southern entrance to the University of Kentucky and its sports venues. A $4.17 million reconstruction effort, designed by CDM Smith, including two new roundabouts and multiple green roadway features, has improved multimodal access and safety for the local community. Learn More

Innovation in the Water Industry

Advances in water technology are key to building smart cities and strong communities. CDM Smith North America Unit President Tony Bouchard shares insights into the exciting developments taking place in the water industry. Learn about four areas of revolutionary water innovation

Thought Leadership

Solutions for the Environment and Infrastructure

  • water

    A Reservoir in the City

    file under: Water, Asia/Pacific, Government

    Singapore’s Marina Barrage, a low-level dam, reliably accommodates excess precipitation, provides effective flood control, and enhances water supply and quality. The complex’s technical and architectural features support and enhance the lifestyle and economic development of Singapore’s urban center. Learn more

R&D Innovation

Partnering with research organizations and utilities, CDM Smith's R&D Program is leading water supply innovation.

Innovator in Bioremediation
Pat Evans
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