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Alternative Energy

This issue of Industrial Outlook explores two alternative energy sources that may help businesses and industries realize financial and operational efficiencies. Read More

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Applying Reclaimed Water for Industrial Uses

Reclaimed water is a sustainable solution for industries to consider and implement as a part of their water use and management strategy.

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Choosing the Right EPC Partner

The engineering procurement construction (EPC) delivery method continues to provide innovative design and construction solutions that shape the future of projects.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Facilities Budget

Finding industrial facilities savings now may create more opportunities for investment in key programs.

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Overcoming Three Water Scarcity Quandaries

Battling water scarcity? Learn ways your business can overcome its difficulties in three specific scenarios.

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Smart Approach to Renewable Energy

Leveraging renewable energy has many benefits, but the decision to integrate renewable resources must be based on sound and comprehensive research and operational analyses.

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Taking a Closer Look at Water Conservation

Explore the drivers of water use (or reuse) and outline the best approaches for water conservation.

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ISO 50001: The New Energy Management System Standard

In 2011, ISO released ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems (EnMS). This voluntary standard serves as a model to elevate energy management and conservation efforts by embedding awareness, best practices and increased value firmwide.

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Coal Combustion Product Regulation and Remediation

Recent industrial by-product safety incidents have sparked global debate about coal combustion product impoundment regulation.

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The New International Green Construction Code

The new International Green Construction Code will help reduce energy use and greenhouse gases through mandatory green building design.

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