Program Management for Complex Efforts

Seeing the Future through Program Management

Program management helps clients see the future in completing complex endeavors. Find out how program management has benefited large projects in the developing world. 

Program Management for Complex Efforts
CDM Smith has helped several clients manage complexity. Learn more about some of our major programs below. 
CDM Smith Project Stories: Water for Southern Africa's Landlocked Kingdom

500,000 people in the Kingdom of Lesotho now have access to water thanks to the program management efforts of its government imple­ment­ing agency and CDM Smith. Building all of its components, including a concrete dam, intake and pump station, water treatment plant.

CDM Smith Project Stories: Complexity Under Control in Hartford, CT

The Metropolitan District Commission of greater Hartford, Connecticut has been engaged with CDM Smith since 2005 in a wide-ranging wet weather infrastructure program—the Clean Water Project—to protect local waterways, especially the Connecticut River.

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