Tree planting campaign on the Day of German Unity

3 October 2019
Have you ever wondered how you can help protect the climate? What could your personal contribution to saving our planet look like? The initiative “Unity Digging" (freely translated from German: Einheitsbuddeln) provides an approach and has inspired us at CDM Smith Germany to join in.

October 3rd is Germany's national holiday and symbolises the reuni­fi­ca­tion of the DDR and the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD). At that time, the division of Germany was overcome after 45 years. The project "Einheits­bud­deln - Die große Baumpflan­za­k­tion zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit" (Unity Digging - The Big Tree Planting Campaign on the Day of German Unity) is now taking up this idea of unity again. The initiators strive to animate the German citizens to each annually plant a tree on 3rd of October.

We at CDM Smith were also inspired by this campaign. The colleagues present worked partic­u­larly hard during this outdoor activity and planted a tree today in the garden of our future branch in Bickenbach just in time for the "Unitiy Digging". The choice fell on the blood plum (Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra'), whose wild species comes from Asia and which provide joy in spring with its bright pink flowers. While the blood plum's flowers are a popular source of food for insects, people enjoy the sweet fruits. May our new blood plum grow and flourish!


Planting a tree in Bickenbach

The blood plum is doing well in the new garden

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Trees for the climate

The campaign appeals to German citizens to plant a tree every year - for the climate.

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