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Okaloosa County Builds State-of-the-Art Water Reclamation Facility

Growing Okaloosa County—a vibrant coastal community of Florida’s panhandle—was looking to make the best use of its available water resources. To help, we designed and built the 10-million-gallon-per-day Arbennie Pritchett water reclamation facility. This sustainable, innovative facility, which serves a population of 100,000, features biological nutrient removal and ultraviolet disinfection to treat wastewater for groundwater recharge.

Implemented with design-build delivery and intelligent 3D and 4D design, the Arbennie Pritchett WRF produces high-quality reclaimed water, protects dwindling resources, and contributes to the area’s economic vitality. 

We knew that communication and efficiency were essential to the success of the project, so we used intelligent 3D design across all disciplines—architectural, civil, electrical, HVAC, instrumentation, plumbing, process and structural—for more than 20 buildings and structures. The results equaled success. Construction was completed on schedule due to an expedited staff learning curve, complex designs were completed quickly, and real-time technical and visual data facilitated collaboration. The project also incorporated 4D design, which integrates a living database into the 3D model by linking operations and maintenance manuals, a computerized maintenance management system and process monitoring and control software. This lasting 4D tool supports efficient operations and knowledge management for future generations.

Our design-build delivery approach met the challenge of the project’s aggressive schedule. Final design was completed in an impressive 5.5 months and project delivery was seamless. Most importantly, we met our ultimate goal to meet Okaloosa County’s water resources needs for years to come. The sustainable Arbennie Pritchett water reclamation facility produces high-quality reclaimed water, protects dwindling resources and contributes to the area’s economic vitality.

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Okaloosa County, Florida

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