• The Louis Perry Group, a CDM Smith Company, in a consortium with Babcock & Wilcox, designed and is building two new selective catalytic reduction systems and associated equipment for a large, confidential U.S. power provider.

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Power + Design-Build

Reducing Power Plant Emissions, Maintaining Operations

EPC delivery and SCR systems help power client meet federal decrees

Meeting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency decrees was paramount for a confidential U.S. power provider to continue operating as a coal-fired power plant—a substantial component of the client’s energy production portfolio. To help the client meet its compliance requirements, improve environmental emissions and maintain operations, the Louis Perry Group (LPG), a CDM Smith Company, in a consortium with Babcock & Wilcox (B&W), designed and is building two new selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems and associated balance of plant equipment.

LPG project manager Joe Gidcumb

The upgrades are being completed under an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contract. Through EPC, the project team is achieving continuous plant operations, streamlining delivery and maintaining budget, schedule and an exemplary safety record. “This facility is a significant part of the community,” said LPG project manager Joe Gidcumb. “A lot of people are employed directly by the station or in support of its operation. It was important to us and the client to keep the facility operating so everyone could continue working.” Scheduled plant outages allowed the team to achieve significant milestones and push the project forward safely, while limiting disruption to the plant employees.

LPG provided a full range of engineering services to support the project, including laser scans of existing structures, geotechnical investigations, site surveys, permitting, architectural, civil, electrical, piping and structural engineering. Procurement services included the supply and installation of medium-voltage variable frequency drives and enclosure, pre-manufactured electrical equipment and buildings, and small and large-bore process piping and structural steel supports associated with pipe racks, cable tray, flue, and SCR support structures. Construction activities include utility relocations, SCR and equipment foundations, deep foundations featuring drilled piers and micropiles, and installation of ammonia equipment and process piping and all associated electrical components.

Scheduled for completion in early 2017, the updated facility will allow the client to meet regulatory requirements and protect the environment while preserving its energy portfolio and community jobs. The project advances a 20-year working relationship between LPG and B&W, a global leader in advanced energy and environmental technologies and services for power and industrial markets.