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Reinventing the H.L. Mooney Advanced Water Reclamation Facility

Award-winning upgrade places environmental stewardship and community education front and center

In 2010, CDM Smith assisted the Prince William County Service Authority in Prince William County, Virginia, USA, with an award-winning upgrade to the H.L. Mooney advanced water reclamation facility. The improvements expanded capacity and reduced nutrient discharges to meet environmental standards, an important part of protecting the nation’s largest and most naturally productive estuary—the Chesapeake Bay. Today, CDM Smith is assisting the Authority through another transformation—the construction of a new multi-purpose home for the Mooney facility that will revitalize the facility’s image, support a collaborative and state-of-the-art work environment, and educate the Chesapeake Bay community about environmental stewardship.

The authority currently serves more than 75,000 residents and desired to update and expand the Mooney facility laboratory to meet high testing standards and best practices. The new laboratory features a logical program arrangement, isolated testing environments, upgraded safety control systems and sufficient space for growth. This new layout increases efficiency and the ability to meet ever increasing regulatory testing requirements, while allowing the lab, as an option, to provide testing services for other labs that do not have the same capabilities.

HL Mooney facility floorplanEnvironmental stewardship and community education will also be front-and-center in the new public learning center. Several interactive exhibits will educate visitors on ways the Mooney facility protects the Chesapeake Bay and provides safe, reliable drinking water to the community. Exhibits will showcase steps for water conservation and a separate viewing gallery will allow visitors to see into a fully operational water quality laboratory.

With the goal of LEED® certification and a collaborative, professional and healthy work environment for administrative and laboratory staff, CDM Smith is introducing flexible and sustainable architectural components such as natural light and an open floor plan. A sustainable approach to water use will also be implemented by using reclaimed water instead of potable water in flushing fixtures and make-up water for treatment cooling towers.

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