• Webinar December 2009
    Integrating Sustainability into Remediation Projects
    Webinar: presented by Maria Watt, PE; Chris Koerner, PE, BCEE; Teresa Raine

    Sustainable remediation is a critical component of today’s remedial action options. Rising concerns over energy efficiency, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions are prompting the environmental industry to consider sustainable practices in their decision-making processes. To maximize the net sustainable benefit, effectively manage environmental liabilities, and return sites to beneficial reuse, today’s industry must maintain a delicate balance between cost effectively meeting regulatory obligations and mitigating risk while considering environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic growth.

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  • Advancements in Process Waste Treatment for the Brewing Industry
    Webinar: presented by Rick Molongoski, PE, BCEE, and Tim Rynders, PE

    Join CDM Smith experts as we explore recent trends in advanced treatment of process wastes from food and beverage production focusing on brewery wastes. We’ll dive into the current methods of anaerobic and aerobic treatment and present potential advancements in membrane technologies. We’ll help you understand how you can reduce costly surcharges, achieve a higher quality effluent for potential reuse, and increase your biogas production.

  • Optimizing Water Use for Oil & Gas Operations
    Webinar: presented by Kevin Molloy, PG, Tina Petersen, Ph.D., PE, and Bob Kimball, PE, BCEE

    Water resource planning, sourcing, permitting and treatment are critical elements for today’s oil & gas operations. This webinar presents total water management strategies to help oil & gas companies manage both the environmental and economic side of resource management. Our water experts discuss resource planning, sourcing, distribution management and reuse options.

  • Water Conservation: How and Why Water Management Benefits You
    Webinar: presented by Elizabeth Watson, PE, LEED AP, and Meredith McElmurry

    As manufacturing companies face increased water, sewer and energy costs, at the same time as reduced availability of water resources, it is important to focus on water conservation. In this webinar, CDM Smith experts will discuss the drivers behind water conservation efforts, metrics and benchmarks, best practices, and how to improve the financial return on environmental performance improvements. Case studies will also be presented.

  • Managing Risk from Coal Combustion Product Storage Facilities
    Webinar: presented by John Reichling, Steve Whiteside and Bill Friers

    With the 2008 failure of a surface impoundment in Kingston, Tennessee still fresh on our minds, it's no wonder why some owners are thinking twice about short- and long-term management approaches. Driven in part by this incident, U.S. EPA recently proposed rules for managing coal combustion residuals that could have severe economic implications for the electric utilities industry, leading to discussions on what are some of the technical challenges, obstacles and strategies of coal ash.