• Webinar December 2009
    Integrating Sustainability into Remediation Projects
    Webinar: presented by Maria Watt, PE; Chris Koerner, PE, BCEE; Teresa Raine

    Sustainable remediation is a critical component of today’s remedial action options. Rising concerns over energy efficiency, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions are prompting the environmental industry to consider sustainable practices in their decision-making processes. To maximize the net sustainable benefit, effectively manage environmental liabilities, and return sites to beneficial reuse, today’s industry must maintain a delicate balance between cost effectively meeting regulatory obligations and mitigating risk while considering environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic growth.

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  • Optimizing Your Delivery Method
    Webinar: presented by Chitra Foster, PE, DBIA; Peter Bailey; and Doug Varner, PE

    In this CDM Smith alternative delivery webinar CDM Smith experts explain how alternative delivery methods, like CMAR and progressive design-build, can offer significant advantages

  • Alternative Delivery Success Stories
    Webinar: presented by Robert Granberg, City of Stockton, and Tim LaFond, Johnson Controls Inc.

    Alternative delivery holds great promise for project owners to obtain better results against scope, budget and schedule. In this webinar, you'll hear from peers who have found added value from design-build and related delivery methods. Watch to hear about the City of Stockon and Johnson Controls Inc successful projects, their lessons learned along the way, and their suggestions for fellow owners considering alternative delivery.

  • Innovation in Alternative Delivery
    Webinar: presented by John Price, PE, DBIA; Chad Brown, PE, DBIA; and Jane Madden, PE, BCEE

    In this webinar, our panel of CDM Smith alternative delivery veterans present the added value for owners of design-build, engineer-procure-construct and other collaborative-delivery projects, and discuss how teams of designers and builders work best to add innovation to engineering plans, construction approaches and client collaboration. They also look into the crystal ball and predict future innovations.

  • Advancements in Process Waste Treatment for the Brewing Industry
    Webinar: presented by Rick Molongoski, PE, BCEE, and Tim Rynders, PE

    Join CDM Smith experts as we explore recent trends in advanced treatment of process wastes from food and beverage production focusing on brewery wastes. We’ll dive into the current methods of anaerobic and aerobic treatment and present potential advancements in membrane technologies. We’ll help you understand how you can reduce costly surcharges, achieve a higher quality effluent for potential reuse, and increase your biogas production.