• Unlocking Energy Potential at DC Water
    Project Stories

    DC Water uses Thermal Hydrolysis technology to reduce greenhouse gases, cut truck trips in half, and produce a class A biosolid fertilizer now in use throughout the city. CDM Smith is proud to have worked with the team from DC Water to make their vision a reality.

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  • Water for Southern Africa's Landlocked Kingdom
    Project Stories

    500,000 people in the Kingdom of Lesotho now have access to water thanks to the program management efforts of its government implementing agency and CDM Smith. Building all of its components, including a concrete dam, intake and pump station, water treatment plant, conveyance system, and transmission pipelines required much collaboration between all parties, and the benefits to the citizens, local textile industry, and agriculture have proved worthy of this massive effort.

  • Complexity Under Control: Hartford Clean Water Project
    Project Stories

    The Clean Water Project comprises $2 billion in wastewater improvements for the Hartford Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) in response to an EPA Consent Decree and CT DEEP Consent Order. With CDM Smith as program manager, leveraging the power of strong relationships, the MDC is bringing complexity under control to make this massive effort successful.