• Energy

    Powering the Winds of Change

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    Wind power is gaining ground as a renewable energy source in Poland. In Orla, we are partnering to assess environmental impacts, identify potential opportunities, and obtain the necessary permits to build a successful wind farm.

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    Meeting Electricity and Heating Demands

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    Combined heat and power creates heat and electricity at one source and boasts a nearly 85-percent efficiency rate. To efficiently meet energy needs and save money, we have been putting CHP projects in place throughout Poland.

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  • Grasping the Wind


    Wind farms in Poland are providing sustainable, renewable energy to help the country reduce its carbon emissions and reach target goals.

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  • Between a Rock and a Resource


    CDM Smith is supporting the oil and gas industry with development activities across multiple shale gas and other unconventional basins--stretching throughout the United States and in central Europe.

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  • Water

    Wastewater Upgrades for Warsaw

    Solutions - Water

    The Czajka wastewater treatment plant is being expanded for improved treatment efficiency and reduction of biosolids. CDM Smith has been supporting this project, starting with the master plan for the improvement of Warsaw’s water supply and sewage disposal systems, through the preparation of an environmental impact assessment.

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  • Transportation

    Composing an Expanded Airport

    Solutions - Transportation

    Built in 1933, the Fryderyk Chopin Airport, Poland's largest and busiest, is constantly seeking ways to modernize and expand. For over 10 years, we have helped to provide the most efficient and effective facilities that support the airport’s continued growth.

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  • Stalowa Wola Biomass

    Biomass Replaces Coal for a Better Environment

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    The residents of Stalowa Wola, Poland, are enjoying a cleaner environment now that biomass has replaced coal to fuel their power plant. We designed and oversaw the environmental impact to retrofit this plant with more efficient, environmentally friendly technology to burn biomass, a pure and renewable fuel source.

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