5 Things You Need to Know about FTA’s Final Rule for Transit Asset Management

To help close the $86 billion backlog of transit infrastructure replacements and rehabilitations, the Federal Transit Administration published its final transit asset management rule in 2016. This article gives transit agency decision-makers a brief breakdown of the requirements they need to fulfill. Read More

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A Cleaner Approach to Manufacturing and Production

When was the last time you evaluated waste in your manufacturing process? If you want to minimize the materials and energy you use and the wastes you produce, consider implementing cleaner production.

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Are UAVs the Future of Disaster Response?

Our newfound ability to see from the sky not only helps us understand the scope of damage, but, more vitally, it points to the potential of UAVs as a powerful tool for disaster response. As discussions, potential policies and UAV technology evolve, we are moving closer to a day when UAVs are a core part of the post-event response arsenal.

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A Strategic Approach to Program Metrics

CDM Smith program management leaders continue the webinar Q and A session by answering a question on metrics.

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Five Questions to Answer Before Investing in a Tablet for Field Work

Our big-data expert, Amol Daxikar, provides five questions to consider before investing in tablets for field work.

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Understanding if Reuse Makes Sense for Your Facility

Currently, the United States reclaims only about 7 to 8 percent of municipal wastewater, leaving tremendous potential for industries to tap into this underutilized water source. Understand what considerations you should make if planning to use reclaimed water.

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An Era of Revolutionary Change In Water

Revolutionary change in the water industry is helping water professionals deliver better results and build more resilient communities. CDM Smith Water Services Group leader Hampik Dekermenjian shares his thoughts on this new era in water.

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FAST Funding for Freight

The FAST Act was signed into law in December 2015 and allocates $1.2 billion to states undertaking freight planning, performance measure, operational improvements and construction activities. This article examines FAST’s changes to freight funding, funding application requirements for states, and the value of funding opportunities.

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Making Sense of FAST’s National Highway Freight Network

In this article, we examine the FAST Act's newly established National Highway Freight Network, which introduces a number of requirements that states need to fulfill and understand before they can allocate federal funds to highway improvement projects.

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Prioritizing Your Freight Investments

This article highlights the freight investment plan requirement that state agencies must complete to be eligible for federal freight dollars, and provides insights from our experts about freight project prioritization.

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