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Bridging Environmental Issues

We partnered with FDOT to replace the SR 46 Bridge and remove an adjacent causeway, improving roadway safety and functionality and enhancing the environmental quality of Lake Jesup by restoring historical floodplains, increasing its connection with the river, and eliminating the polluted causeway runoff from the lake. Read More

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Making a High-Speed Connection in Germany

The high-profile Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is connecting Southern Germany to other major European cities. This project will bring a new level of rail service to Germany, provide better access throughout Europe, and drive economic and cultural growth for the Stuttgart metropolitan area.

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Establishing Mekong Delta’s Connectivity for the Future

The $928 million Central Mekong Delta Connectivity Project is the most significant construction project in Vietnam to date and involves substantial development to the transport infrastructure in the region. CDM Smith proudly assisted the project by delivering detailed design, construction supervision and consulting services.

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Riding the Momentum in Grand Rapids

Partnering with The Rapid, CDM Smith provided the final design for Michigan's first-ever bus rapid transit system—the Silver Line in Grand Rapids. The route connects downtown, Medical Mile and top employers with nearby municipalities, making commuting more efficient and raising optimism for continued economic growth along its route.

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Maximizing Energy Resources, Minimizing Costs

CDM Smith partnered with the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority to upgrade the Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant. It will be the largest plant in the world to use Cambi technology, and the first in the United States.

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Cogeneration at Columbia Boulevard

Columbia Boulevard’s new cogeneration facilities—which provide 1.7 megawatts of power—center on two 850-kilowatt internal combustion engine generators, equipped with the latest in lean-burn technology. Since startup of the new facilities, the plant has purchased approximately 40 percent less power than in previous years.

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Digging Deep for a Sound Investment

Geothermal power plants tap the Earth’s natural heat to supply heating and electricity. We assisted Axpo AG, a leading Swiss energy company, to assess economic, technical, and legal considerations of geothermal technology in southern Germany.

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Food Waste to Fuel

Adding fat, oil and grease to anaerobic digestion at Riverside’s regional water quality control plant increases methane gas production for beneficial reuse and reduces the amount of solid waste conveyed to landfills.

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Expediting Energy Savings

CDM Smith helped the city of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, become more energy efficient and reduce its carbon footprint.

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What Lies Beneath

A top priority for R+V—the first company in Wiesbaden to use geothermal energy—was to find an alternative to traditional temperature regulation and be independent from rising energy costs. We partnered with the company to optimize the performance of its new geothermal system.

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